In 1998, after twenty years as a leader in nationally-known corporate interior design firm, JJ Falk established her own design practice in New York City. By offering excellence in design and hands-on service, JJFD has built a reputation for designing successful commercial interior projects and has attracted repeat clients. Today, JJFD is a mid-size corporate interior design firm providing full design services to clients in a variety of businesses on a broad range of projects locally and globally.


We provide creative solutions that are the result of extensive research, application, and development.


We strive to create humanistic space that are the products of thoughtful insight and active communication with our clients. Throughout the design process, we listen to our clients to understand their goals and priorities.


We uphold highest standards of professional integrity; we are devoted to adding value to our clients' business and improving their quality of life for years to come.



A principal or SPM of the firm is directly involved throughout each project assuring that our experienced professional team provides both design insight and cost-effective timely service. We establish realistic time-frames for our work and carefully coordinate the progress of the entire project team. We use our leadership role in the process to provide quality design and efficient cost-effective implementation. The end result is projects that meet client expectations and build long-term relationships.

JJFD supports sustainable design and construction, and is a member firm of the US Green Building Council. Our project teams include LEED Accredited Professional.